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Why choose Collège Air Richelieu?

The mission of Collège Air Richelieu is to meet the expectations of the aviation market and of student pilots.

Our competitive advantages

Leader and pioneer in its field.
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The only ATO centre in Canada

Thanks to its reputation, Collège Air Richelieu was chosen in 2020 by Transport Canada to establish the Approved Training Organization (ATO) certification in Canada. This certification, already in use in several countries around the world, will allow the introduction of a new approach based oncompetency (Competency Based Training) and on the achievement of standardized performance standards.

The Jazz Pathwayprogram

Through this program, our most deserving college instructors and students are offered an educational experience that is unmatched in the industry, including collaboration on training and curriculum development, prestigious scholarships and direct access to selection interviews for first officer positions at Jazz.

Integrated ATPL college programs

Because Collège Air Richelieu’s ACS and DCS flight training programs include integrated ATPL training, Transport Canada’s SARON/SAMRA exams for the ATPL are also an integral part of our training Unlike with modular training, you will therefore have the opportunity to become a first officer!

A substantial advantage for international students

The Diploma of College Studies (DCS) issued by Quebec’s Ministère de l’Enseignement supérieur is the only diploma that gives you access to permanent residence through the PEQ (Quebec Experience Program).

A personalized pedagogical approach

By completing your training with us, you will benefit from an internationally recognized training structure, as well as a pedagogical approach and professional supervision provided by highly qualified staff. Thanks to the portal, the Collège Air Richelieu team closely follows the progress of students in real time and can react quickly should any difficulty be encountered. This portal, which is also accessible to parents, has been tailored to meet the specific needs of students.

Getting you off the ground is our mission!

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