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Modular and specialized
training courses

About the school
Air Richelieu Modular and specialized training courses

Many people dream about becoming a pilot. It’s a truly fascinating profession!

Pilots travel all over the world, enjoying an incredible view that very few people get to see. The highly technical working environment of a plane’s cockpit, coupled with the enormous responsibility of carrying passengers, makes this a profession as deeply satisfying as it is challenging. In fact, in a survey by Le Journal, it ranked among the most trusted professions.

Aim high with Collège Air Richelieu!


By completing your training with us, you will benefit from an internationally recognized training structure, as well as a pedagogical approach and professional supervision provided by highly qualified staff.

The human relationship is a key element of training. That’s why the team at Collège Air Richelieu takes great care to select the flight instructor who will best meet the needs and personality of each student.

Whether for fun or for a career, our modular training courses allow you to advance at your own pace. It goes without saying that the more time you put into your studies, the faster you will progress and the lower the costs will be. No matter which modular courses you choose, you will need to begin your training by obtaining your Private Pilot Licence. Once you have this, you will be able to continue your studies with the desired modular courses.

Licences et qualifications (ATO)

Other training
Our upcoming ATO specialized training courses:
  • Flight Attendant Training
  • Airport Staff Training
  • Qualification Type QT/PP