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1 hour

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Introduction to aerobatics

Ready for a rush of adrenaline?

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Air Richelieu Discovery packages Introduction to aerobatics


Ready for a rush of adrenaline?

You’re in for plenty of excitement aboard our Super Decathlon. This flight will introduce you to various aerobatic manoeuvres, such as inverted flight, rolls, loops and many others.

What can I expect?

See an excerpt from the program MÉCHANT TRIP with Catherine Levac. Want to experience your own adventure?

This package includes:

  • 20 minutes of theory
  • 40 minutes of flight time

Other discoveries

City tour

Get on board!

Discover Montréal from the air!

40 minutes

Pilot for a day

Take the controls!

Thinking of becoming a pilot? Be a “Pilot for a day” and try it for size! Your training will start with a theoretical course, followed by a simulator session. It will finish with a dual-control training flight.

1 hour 45 minutes